Carrot pudding


Recipe: Carrot pudding.

We need these Ingredients to make carrot pudding.

Chopped carrots - 500gm,
Milk - 1ltr,
sugar - 1cup ( as per taste )
powder milk - 1cup,
Agar-agar powder - 2tbsp.

First step:

Boil the milk for 4-5min then add chopped carrots, cook this till carrots become soft. After that keep it aside and let it chill when it's going to be at normal temperature then blend it well. Make a good smoothy carrot puree.

Second step:

Take a pan then add carrots puree, add sugar then mix well and cook it for 5min and keep mix thoroughly. Then add milk powder and keep mixing for 2-3 min cook it on medium flames in the meantime add Agar-agar powder and bring a boil. keep mix thoroughly.

Third step:

Take a mould and brush it with oil, then add the carrot puree and keep it aside for chilling. Keep that in the fridge for 2hours or more than that. when it seems set on the mould take it out and ready to served.

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